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Arens M.  Brooklyn, NY 12/3/2015

Kinetic Fitness have the best cardio and weight fitness in Brooklyn. Will is the best trainer I ever had. Will is professional and very tough on you to work out the right way and eat right. Kinetic staff is great. I love it I'm getting back into shape the brooklyn way and that's the only way.  Thanks Arens


Stewart K.  Brookline, MA 11/3/2015

I have been training with Will at Kinetic Fitness for over two months and the results have been phenomenal. He has an encyclopedic knowledge -- after 2 months I don't think I've done the same exercise twice with him -- and he makes the training new and interesting for each visit -- I have no idea where or how he comes up with some of them, but they are very effective. He also manages to make it fun, despite the exhaustion. There's no doubt that Will makes you work extremely hard and expects a real commitment. But he also takes a personal interest in your success and brings a balance of challenge and encouragement. He and Daphney also happen to be two local characters who will make you laugh almost as much as you scream in pain from the workout. Almost. I am very happy to work with them both and to recommend them to others


Melchior L.  Prospect Heights, NY 6/9/2016

Just had a first training with Will. Next to being motivational in a good way, he takes his time and pushes you to your limit. Prepare to have your hands tinkling and your  head dizzy. 

He gives you a full body workout: working on the muscle as well as training for endurance. I'll definitely come again


Anetta L.  Brooklyn, NY 6/29/2016

Kinetic Fitness is a very clean boutique-like studio, locally owned by an impressively young staff. What makes Kinetic Fitness so great is that they understand the body and how it works, and insures that the trainees know as well. In addition, the fitness goals become personalized, and nutritional counseling is heavily enforced.
 Will, my trainer, is an amazing personal trainer. He pushes and encourages you to go beyond to what you think your limit is. He does not take no for an answer, and is always there to assist you through every intense workout. After just 4 sessions with Will, I noticed my energy level increased, I am getting better sleep, and even lost a few inches! He is very creative with his workout design; each session is never the same and is more challenging than the last. 
Kinetic Studio is affordable, and is easy accessible by train or bus. His hours are very flexible. I look forward to continuing my journey of lifestyle changes with the assistance of my personal trainer Will. If you are looking for a change in your fitness lifestyle, I strongly suggest that you try out Kinetic Fitness Studio.


Alexis G.  Brooklyn, NY 7/24/2016

I discovered Kinetic Fitness Studio last year in June when I began training for my first long-distance race (10K/6.2 miles) in October. From the moment I arrived at the studio, I was impressed with the laid-back, clean and modern atmosphere. Whenever I was scheduled for a training session, Personal Trainers "Will" and "Daphney" were always punctual and professional. They're both extremely outgoing and fun, but committed to supporting your progress; whether it's with their motivational coaching styles or nutritional tips. 

What I enjoy most about being a client is the flexible hours, easy accessibility by train/bus and their AFFORDABLE rates. If you're looking for highly-qualified trainers committed to your transformation and success then KF should be priority on your "to-do" list this summer! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED...you'll actually be treated like family!

Today, I'm training at Kinetic to qualify for the TCS marathon (26.2 miles) in November. I'm looking forward to seeing them at the finish line! They've honestly attended nearly all of my races so far! Will's myofacscial stretch sessions before my races are always beneficial. 

I'm glad they're in my network...are they in yours??!!

- Alexis